Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thanks to all who participated in the JPOB charity auction; it was a great success, and allowed us to make substantial donations to Earthjustice, the International Rescue Committee, and the Equal Justice Initiative. Thank you to purchasers of The Sky Is A Blank Screen as well, which benefited those organizations as well as the Transgender Law Center.

There will be more music-related news soon; I’m deep in work on my book right now, but I’m not going away. As always, you can keep in touch with us day-to-day via Facebook or Instagram.

We have no live dates planned at the moment; but our live album The Sky Is A Blank Screen remains the best way to re-live last year’s tour.

Also, our new YouTube channel has videos from some of those shows, as well as other videos to make you laugh, cry, dance, and think.