We’re musicians, not salespeople. But if you’d like to throw some money at us and our labels:

Our Bandcamp page

The Great Awakening
  • our new album, The Great Awakening
  • our Quarantine Music series of eight ambient albums
  • many digital live albums
  • several digital studio albums, old and new
  • all our Sub Pop music, physical and digital
  • posters, CDs, etc.

Our official Sub Pop merchandise page

Jet Plane and Oxbow
  • all our Sub Pop music, physical and digital
  • t-shirts
  • posters
  • rare EPs, singles, and even a few Matador-era physical records

The Matador Store

Palo Santo
featuring all our Matador Records music, physical and digital


We’d much prefer you buy our music if you don’t have it already! But we’re not too proud to take donations.