Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A new album begins…

Greetings from central Texas! It’s been an exciting six months since the campaign for the new Shearwater album smashed all our expectations; and I’m very happy to announce that we’ve started the first 3-week recording session for the new album.

It has felt really good to write new SW songs again, and we’re really looking forward to recording them.

Dan Duszynski will be engineering and co-producing the album, and we’ve been brainstorming production ideas and playing some of our favorite music for each other between sessions for the new Loma LP (which, I’m happy to say, is just about complete).

There’ll be more news about the album in the coming months; but in the meantime, if you’d like to hear from me a little more often, you can always look in on my Patreon account, where I’ve been posting (very) off-the-cuff musical performances, random rambles and news for the past year—and occasional surprises. (Everyone who was signed up last January, for example, got the Berlin Trilogy recordings for free).

And, last but not least: after a year off the road, I’m going to be touring a bit next year in March, May, and June! I’ll be performing with Berlin Trilogy co-lead vocalist, “Immaculate” video director, Blue Water White Death collaborator, and good friend Jamie Stewart, in a stripped-down incarnation of Xiu Xiu, opening for the venerable AJJ. Here’s our tour schedule:

All best to you and yours, and happy new year—