Wednesday, February 3, 2016

On Tour Now

Dear friends,

Tonight we get to see you from the stage! And vice-versa, I suppose. Let me introduce you to the band, and the band to you.

Shearwater 2016

At left, on keys, is Emily Lee, also of Snake Oil fame. Besides running our Instagram account, she does a mean Ozzy Osbourne.

Long-time guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and heartthrob Lucas Harrison Oswald and our leader Jonathan Meiburg surely need no introduction.

To the right of JM is bassist Sadie Powers, also of Dead Fame and her own doom ambient duo project Discipline, whose secret Bowie tribute “Dolphins” is really worth hearing.

This selfie’s auteur, front and center, is our drummer Josh Halpern, whom you might have met before – he’s also a member our Austin friends Marmalakes (who are opening for us at the two Texas shows).

Not onstage but a very powerful presence: our long-time friend, sound man Jay Demko.

If you’ve seen us before, you may notice that our stage design is a little more impressive than usual – we’re doing our best to live up to the cover of Jet Plane and Oxbow. There will also be surprises. Shiny surprises.

On the merch front: in addition to a couple different nifty t-shirts, some leftover copies of Missing Islands, and some limited stock of the new album, we have TWO exclusive tour releases. Both releases are digital, but both come with physical art objects hand-manufactured by us.

You’ve heard about the Complete Island Arc digital box set before, but here’s a peek at the finished product:

The Complete Island Arc digital box set

(more details and pictures at the link)

We will also have something brand new: Safe Houses, an instrumental “deconstruction and reimagination” of Jet Plane and Oxbow by our producer Danny Reisch (buy the code now, download available in late February).

Safe Houses cards

Come see us on tour, won’t you?

By the way: If you bought a digital edition of Jet Plane and Oxbow and have been looking for lyrics, you can find them here.