Sunday, July 11, 2010

October Surprises

In early October we’re going to be playing a pair of festivals – first, Matador’s 21st anniversary bash in Las Vegas, with a few bands you’ve heard of. Vegas seems like an illogical place to do almost anything, but when you figure that flights are relatively cheap from most cities in the US (to lure you in), the airport’s in the middle of town, and that there are about a zillion good venues in the place it starts to make a little more sense. Should be a wild time.

A week later, we’ll be playing the ever-burgeoning Austin City Limits festival here in our hometown. They keep moving this later and later in the year in hopes of beating the heat; October 10th seems like a relatively safe bet for cooler weather and clear skies.

After that, plans are in the works for a return to the east coast in November – we’ll keep you posted.