Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Willie and Waylon and Me

Before we head out to Europe again, we’re going to be playing a special benefit show on July 16th for our beloved Austin NPR station, KUT, in the Austin City Limits studio. Tickets are available here. We’ll be joined by some friends and longtime collaborators for this performance, and we’re going to play at least one song we’ve never performed live before. I’m especially keen on this show since the ACL studio sounds great, and they’ve got an excellent piano.

The show at the Whitney museum in NYC with Andy Stack and Jonathan Rosen went well – we played two long, new songs, “The Sphinx and the Milky Way” and “Hymn to the Valences”, and filled that weird, concrete hall with choruses of frogs, cicadas, and swirls of guitar feedback. Also, if you missed the End of an Ear JM/Thor instore last week here in town, you missed this moment (pictured, photo by Ben Kim), as well as a mesmerizing amplified kalimba/vibraphone duel between Thor and Ralph White (JM).