Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Road Movies

We’re packed and ready to head to the west coast in the morning after a week back home. It’s been good to see friends old and new, and to get a snapshot of northern Europe before the volcano and the eastern US in a gloriously rainy spring. Along the way we’ve done plenty of horsing around and some sleepy morning radio sessions – here are some videos from one we liked, filmed around the time of South by Southwest for Radio K in Minneapolis, including a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Mother of Violence” and a banjo-led “Landscape at Speed” from TGA. Bonus! Here’s some live footage from Mad Planet in Milwaukee in early April. Our friends at High Frequency captured “Hidden Lakes”.

We’re also in the middle of planning out the rest of the year, which will include a return trip to Europe (if the ash cloud ever clears) and, we hope, parts of the US we’ve missed this time around. I’ll leave you with this mysterious clip, from a reading of Thor’s book in Lawrence Kansas…a memorable moment, to be sure (JM).