Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HNY & RIP Poquita

2008 was an intense year for all of us, from the Rook recordings (which now seem like part of another life) through the many tours that followed, and we’re taking a little time now to rest, write, and mend the leaks in the rest of our lives that appear when you’re gone for too long.  We’ll be back out plenty in 2009, though, and we start work on a new LP in a few weeks.  A European tour in May is nearly finalized, and there are shows coming up in Austin and Oklahoma City, where we’ll be playing at the opening of Kahn and Selesnick’s Eisbergfreistadt exhibition.

We’re sorry to bid goodbye and goodnight, however, to a dear friend – Thor’s little yellow dog Poquita, who attended most of our rehearsals and several of our recording sessions, and was an ambassador for peace and goodwill in the world.  She died a few days after we returned from our last shows, and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.

All best to you and yours from team SW.  (JM)