Thursday, June 12, 2008

East Coast Tour (June)

We’re packing our last bags tonight for our second round of touring in the USA – this time, headlining on the east coast/midwest (dates on the shows page). We’ll have some more details from the road, but in the meantime we’ve been honored to work with many excellent musicians at the showcases and on the tour with Clinic.  A special shout-out is due here to our masked brethren – suffice it so say that you haven’t lived until you’ve crammed a bemused and amiable bunch of Liverpudlians into the back of your pickup truck and driven them to the barbecue joint in Austin.  

Also, we highly recommend dropping in on the message board for other occasional bits and pieces.  Sometimes news that doesn’t make the front page here goes reported by us (or others) there, and besides, there are also spirited discussions involving sea slugs, the current state of the blogosphere, and the finer points of communication in music (to name a few).

Rook is now available everywhere.